Great creative Adobe moments at the best creative and inspirational event: OFFF Barcelona 2019

Great creative Adobe moments at OFFF Barcelona 2019

One more year I had the pleasure of being at OFFF as Adobe staff. Every year the expectations are surpassed, a great creative community sharing experiences and being inspired by the great hits of the creative ecosystem.

Adobe had a strong presence in the Market Area at OFFF, preparing activities that will delight the creatives. Attendees could design the cover of a notebook, a pin in two sizes, go through the photocall to create a composition with Dimension, or/and try Gemini in its first public exhibition in Europe. These activities were very well received by the creatives.

Adobe market area, on the left the Adobe Live Both
Designing notebooks covers with Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Draw, Capture and more:
I have been able to see very closely how the creatives put their ingenuity into action to design incredible artistic pieces in less than 20 minutes. They could start the work directly on an iPad Pro, or a MacBook Pro using Wacom tablets.

Covers were printed directly in the notebooks with a Roland printer for printing objects. Finally each author could take the customized notebook with its own cover.

Testimonials inside the Adobe booth painting with Adobe Sketch in an iPad pro:

Time to draw with Gemini: 
Here the challenge was to draw with Gemini, still in beta and first time opened to the European public at OFFF. The attendees could try it and demonstrate their skills for drawing. 

Testimonials inside the Adobe booth painting with Adobe Gemini in an iPad pro:

"Gemini + iPad Pro + Apple Pen, the closest experience to drawing on paper".
Photoshoot + Dimension's design: In the area of dimension the participants went through the photocall, then they could make a composition in Adobe Dimension with their own picture. Finally the photograph was sent them by email.

Adobe Workshops: Besides the keynote in the general sessions, we also did thematic workshops, we talked about Adobe Sensei, Dimension, Virtual Reality, Video Tools, Gemini and the latest innovations in Adobe's kitchen, also creative artists made exposure of their techniques.

The magic of AI with Sensei at OFFF
Adobe staff: Matteo Oriani, Sinja Mirel, Matthias Schulze, Natalia López, Ana Mesas

Thank you all for these great moments!