Adobe Creative Jam Madrid - #CreateNow my summary of the event (English Version)

Just some lines to sum up the CreateNow event last April 25th 2014. It was one of the most inspirational events I've had the pleasure to participate in. Madrid was the last stop of the 8 european city roadshow. If you couldn't follow it live or online, you have the opportunity to see it from the comfort of your own home. It is available on our ADOBE.TV.

The day was divided into two part, on one hand what we called Creative Jam, a competition made of ten participating teams (five specialized in visual design and five in motion graphics) who had to create in only 4:30h a work based on a sentence that they would hear only five minutes before the competition started. The sentence was:

"I know there is no straight road in this world
Only a giant labyrinth of intersecting crossroads"
Federico Garcia Lorca

Noelia Lozano / Borja Culla Irastorza - noelialozano.cotm
Mar Nuñez / Marian Cuenca -
Diego L. Rodríguez ( / Marcos Figuereido (
Oscar Llorens / Juan Francisco Carró Castro -
Francisco María Furno / Pablo Galeano -
The final works produced by the artists in the visual design category
Click here to see the final work
Carmen Rodríguez / Sergio Tomasa -
José Carlos Panadero / Ricardo Pérez -
Daniel Bertó / Alberto García - - Trazos
Pablo Galán / Rubén García-
Daniel Sánchez / Lucas Martínez - IED /

The final works produced by the artists in the motion graphics category
Click here to see the final work
Michael Chaize - Adobe Evangelist, one of the main organizers of Creative Jam.
After the event he said, "The event in Madrid has been without a doubt one of the best (if not THE best) in Europe, in terms of organization. He also told us that the works were the best he has seen in the entire road show.
You can see that for yourselves accesing the Creative Jam portal that Michael created and make up your own minds.
Through this link you can consult the European Creative Jam
José Carlos Panadero / Ricardo Pérez - Zekar - Winners in the Motion Graphics category

Francesco María Furno / Pablo Galeano - Winners in the Visual Design category
Daniel Bertó / Alberto García from Trazos, winners in the Motion Graphics category (audience vote)
First conference
The first speaker who was without doubt an inspiration was Sergio Albiac. Sergio on this occasion gave us a clear vision of his experience and personal growth as a new creative. His work is a fusion of painting, image and a development of his own programming code for video art: An amazing visual experience. It is what its known as  "Generative Art".

Sergio Albiac
First Portfolio Review
Mario S. Nevado Art director and visual artist, was responsible for selecting the three candidates for the first portfolio review.
Mario S. Nevado
Here you can see his showreel. His work speaks by himself.
Victor Murillo Showreel 2014 from Victor Murillo Jansegers on Vimeo.
De izquierda a derecha: Melez, Victor y Mario
Second Conference
Another conference clearly inspirational was made by the master José María Cruz Novillo and Pepe Cruz Novillo Jr, by estudio Cruz Novillo you only have to visit his web page to se to see one of the most legendary studios we have in our country. His work spans over 60 years, and is now part of the history of design, drawing, sculpture and graphic arts of our country. Among logos created by Jose Maria Cruz Novillo we cand find Renfe, Repsol, PSOE, and looking beyond, have you ever wondered who was the designer of the paper money of old pesetas? Yes, it was Cruz Novillo study.
Pepe Cruz Novillo and Pepe Cruz Novillo Jr.
Second Portfolio Review
Wences Sanz was responsible for choosing the artists of the second portfolio review. Wences career and has extensive experience in the world of advertising and creative world. He is Director in Stereochromo. Co-founder and creator of the event MadinSpain.
Wences Sanz
Tavo Ponce:


Sergio Jiménez (Subcoolture):

Vicente García Morillo:

Wences y Tavo practicing selfie
Wences beside Sergio
Special mention to the sponsors and partners of the event.

Createc 3D showed us their 3D printers and made a test print our CC cup.

Durante la jornada me escanearon e hicieron la impresión 3D
The Graffica digital newspaper, one of the most important in the world of design, was also there to broadcast the event, I recommend you to see their blog with more photos and video highlights of the event.

Wacom went through CreateNow also showing their tablets and giving one Cinting for the contest.

Fotolia participated giving their image bank for the competition.
Charles Tournier of Fotolia
Conecta tutoriales was key in our event, creating videos with the interviews that you see on Visit his facebook page to see more pictures about.
Rafael Tuduri from AUG Conecta Tutoriales
Also if you whant live on the best moments of Create Now you can visit the oficial gallery on the facebook page of Adobe Ibérica. Bellow some of them:


Antonio Lirio, Lionel Lemoine and Michael Chaize
Antonio and Lionel where two key pieces conducting the event by streaming.

The selfies

Ludmila Mastromonaco
Lionel Lemoine, on the backstage
The Adobe stuff spent several months setting up the event, you can imagine the amount of work coordinating this kind of event, I like to mention to all involved in the "back or front stage" that we can make this event a success: 

Antonio Lirio was responsible to contact, coordinate and lead all participants in the Creative Jam. He was also was in the backstage during the event controlling the streaming. 

Ana Mesas, the undersigned, was responsible to contact, coordinate and drive the speakers at the conference area. During the event I also present the speakers and beside Michael Chaize we make the keynote

Natalia López, head of marketing at Adobe Iberica initiated the organization, Natalia has been mum recently and could not attend, however she did an excellent approach to work, she went online at all times and with she we could see the younger online assistant to the event:
The best selfie: Natalia Lopez together with her baby
Special mention to María José González of Brand Comunicación, responsible for the logistics, She did an excellent work.

Ludmila Mastromonaco at presente responsible of marketing at Adobe and also event coordinator.

Lionel Lemoine in the management in both cameras and streaming, thanks to him and Antonio Lirio you can follow the streaming and see it again from

¡Thank you!